How Technology is changing the Porn Industry?

The majority of people who think of pornography, don’t often connect it to breakthrough technology. Nor do they think that tech can change the adult sector. Yet neither of those things are true. In part, it’s because the adult industry has always been willing to invest in new technology. For a sector that brings in billions in revenue each year, it’s a win-win situation. As it stands now, sexually explicit content makes up more than 35% of what is found on the web. History has proven that the adult industry is a pioneer when it comes to connecting tech to the porn world.

When you think about it, the smut industry has been there each time new technological gadgets are introduced. Moreover, they are responsible for making some of them not only more popular, but accepted. For instance, VHS tapes come to mind. The same for handheld video cameras, streaming and Blu-Ray movies. Remember that it was the adult industry which made the super 8 film for video recording standard. This was the beginning of everyday people making their own homemade movies. That also led to a high amount of amateur sex movies being recorded and making their way online. Ultimately, it’s why both the sales of super 8 cameras and their use went through the roof.

Let’s not forget that it was porn which helped kill HD DVD and made Blu-Ray the alternate choice. Fast forward to today and the porn industry is at it again. This time, they are pushing virtual reality in every aspect. Many believe that part of the reason so many VR headsets are being sold, its due to pornography. Those who purchase these headsets do so to check out VR porn videos. Proof of this can be seen in the significant rise VR categories and VR porn sites have experienced the past year alone.

The truth is that watching free porn videos with a virtual reality headset is immersive and addicting. It is unlike anything when compared to traditional porn viewing. Out of all the top 50 virtual reality websites on the web, 30 of them offer adult content. The adult sector is investing heavily into this new technology because they believe it will change — and it’s already changing — how people look at porn. Not only is it more realistic and immersive than regular porno, it is also interactive. That allows the viewer to feel and think they are more involved in the smut viewing process.

You also have to take into consideration the way VR porn is recorded. Unlike regular videos, specialized cameras are used. They allow images to be captured in many angles. They include 220-degrees and 360-degress. But the 180 point of view is by far one of the best reasons why people love watching VR porn. It is also why most VR porn movies are captured using the 180-POV. It allows the viewer to feel as if the actors in the adult film are there for them and with them.

Once you ad binaural sound, 3D and other aspects, there is no denying the impact VR will have on the porn industry. Additionally, there are teledildonic sex toys, apps and other gadgets which somehow connect to VR headsets. All of them open up new doors to how people see, feel and masturbate to sexual content in general. These are all reasons why the porn industry is banking on VR being the future of porn. So does that means new technology is changing pornography? Or is pornography altering how technology changes our lives? If history is any guide, then people should take the entire virtual reality concept seriously. The porn industry is and so far, they been right.